Express Guide to Monthly Web Articles

Who Uses This Section? While primarily intended for attorneys, consultants, economic development executives and other professionals serving the biotech community, we're finding that many scientists, students and faculty also find the monthly Articles updates an easy way to keep current with a diverse range of biotech advancements.

Focus. We try to avoid citing highly-technical articles that only a practitioner in the field can understand and select articles based on their readability by non-specialists, their potential impact on society and sometimes simply their "wow, I didn't know that" interest factor.

Content. The 70+ free Web articles cited and briefly excerpted each month are grouped by general category and then further organized into more specific topics to make it easier for you to scan and access the articles of greatest interest to you. Click on the titles to access the entire article. As of December 2011, there are 6,592 web articles available in the archives.

Are there any additional online resources you would like us to monitor? Please send an e-mail to Thank you.

The table below will give you a general idea of our classification scheme. However, articles often do fit into multiple categories or subcategories. We incorporate important keywords in the excerpts, so try using the search box to find articles on a specific topic.

AGRI-BIOTECH "Green" biotech: e.g. crops, food, environment, animals, microorganisms, seeds
BIOBUSINESS MANAGEMENT Organizational issues: e.g. bioethics, government approvals, employment, education
CLINICAL TRIALS Trial management issues: e.g. subject enrollment/management, legislation
CONTRACT SERVICES Outsourced services: e.g. biomanufacturing, research, marketing
DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS New instruments or uses: e.g. hardware such as MRI, reagents, test systems
DRUG DELIVERY New or more effective drug delivery means: e.g. implants, vectors, painless injection methods
INVESTMENTS/GOV. SUPPORT Biotech funding: selected venture, corporate and government investments
INDUSTRY Historic background, analysis of current status or predictions for new developments in biotech
MEDICAL DEVICES Implements, tools used in surgery or human therapies (apart from diagnostic, research applications)
NOVEL APPLICATIONS New, unique use of new or existing technology (note: what we've designated as novel today often becomes "old" tomorrow)
ORGANIZATIONS Profiles: specific companies, e.g. big or biopharma, laboratories, incubators, educational, start-ups
PEOPLE PROFILES Profiles of interesting or accomplished individuals in the biotech field
PERSONALIZED MEDICINE Advances in and regulation of therapies based on an individual's genetic profile
PHARMACEUTICALS  Industry areas: e.g. OTC, generic, prescription
PLATFORM TECHNOLOGIES Foundation technologies applicable to multiple uses: e.g. nanotechnology, genomics, tissue engineering
RESEARCH ADVANCEMENTS New developments: e.g. in understanding, often based on animal studies (apart from actual therapies)
RESEARCH TOOLS Systems, supplies and products e.g. biomarkers, databases, gene and genome sequencing
STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS Formal or informal agreements: e.g. collaborations, licensing, M&A
THERAPEUTIC CATEGORY * Newly-implemented discoveries in treatments for diseases or disorders such as oncology, vascular disease

* This category has been merged with "Research Advancements" as of the September 2011 Articles research report.

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